The original REAL Cocktails® product is the brainchild of two cocktail-savvy women who love to entertain and pride themselves in making bartender-quality cocktails in the comfort of their own homes. 

They started making batches of cocktails for family and friends at their own parties more than ten years ago, and ever since, these cocktails have become a party staple. On a few occasions, for lack of time, they served store-bought cocktails that paled in comparison. No existing product lived up to the authentic taste they had become accustomed to. They used premium ingredients to get an authentic taste of a real cocktail. Unlike the weak mixed drinks they may have had elsewhere, they could count on its consistency of flavor without having to add anything. Everyone loved the drinks they were making so much more than any store-bought product, that they were being asked to make batches for friends’ parties as well.  Whether they were the hostesses or bringing their creation to a friend’s home, they loved the convenience factor that allowed them to enjoy parties rather than serve as bartender. 

Naturally, this sparked the idea of bottling a high-quality pre-mixed drink that stood apart from any other cocktail out there. They chose two classic drinks, the Cosmo and Margarita, to focus on and are committed to delivering a high-quality cocktail that follows in their tradition of an excellent drink, in every bottle.  And the rest, you might say, is history. 

Now, they are serving up delicious cocktails straight out of the bottle to smart hosts/hostesses and young sophisticates alike. Next time you want to turn your living room into a high- class bar or give your friends on the beach an unforgettable drinking experience, leave the bartenders out of the equation. Just open a bottle of REAL Cocktails® and expect great quality and taste in every pour.