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The Hazy History Behind the Margarita

We just finished reading this fantastic article from Vine Pair on the storied history of the Margarita and it's many purported origins (perhaps historians have had one Marg too many). It's kinda crazy to think that such a popular drink could be born from accidentally adding the wrong spirit to a cocktail! While you're still in reading mode, head over to our About Us page to learn the story behind Real Cocktails and how our idea for tasty and accommodating cocktails came to fruition!

Best Ways to Rim Your Cocktail Glass

We know just what you're thinking, "How many ways could you possibly rim a glass?!" Well, there actually happen to be a couple different options based on what you're using as a garnish, and with a little help from this wonderful article by Serious Eats, we're going to show you how!

The biggest misconception when starting this process is that you must use water, turn your glass upside down, and spin in a circle until completely covered, but this is not the best method. This approach will only cause the excess garnish on the inside of your glass to fall into your drink and potentially ruin your beverage. Ideally you want to use egg whites or corn syrup in order to ensure the garnish stays in tact and stuck to your glass.

Next, you're going to grab your glass by the stem, tilt it down toward your plate or saucer at a 45 degree angle, and slowly turn your glass so that only the very outer rim is touching the liquid. Make sure you have a napkin handy, that way you can moisten the top quarter inch of the glass with the rest of your bonding liquid. Repeat that same process with your garnish plate, and let sit for several minutes to dry. We personally like to rim half of the glass when prepping for parties, in the event your guest(s) aren't fond of garnishes on their glasses. 

Additionally, try using a fruit juice in place of water or egg whites to accentuate certain flavors that already exist within your cocktail. If you're using a fancier garnish such as sprinkles, candy, or even cereal, you're going to want to use something with stronger bonding support like cake icing or fondant. That's about it, so give some of these ideas a shot, impress your guests, and keep it Real!

The History of the Cosmopolitan

Just finished reading this wonderful article on the history of the Cosmopolitan and the birth of craft cocktail culture, check it out! Hop over here to read the story behind Real Cocktails and how our idea for good and convenient cocktails became a reality!