Real Cocktails hit the market December 1st, 2014

Get ready for a REAL Cosmo and a REAL Margarita. REAL Cocktails will enter selected markets December 1, 2014 with two outstanding high-proof artisanal cocktails designed to transform the ready-to-pour (RTP) spirits category.

The 50-proof REAL Cocktails line is the brainchild of Clara and Dee – professionals, mothers, wives, and cocktail-savvy women from New Jersey who love to entertain and take pride in making bartender-quality cocktails in the comfort of their own homes. 

Having mixed batches of cocktails for family and friends at their own parties for more than ten years, these cocktails have become a party staple. On a few occasions, Clara and Dee served store-bought cocktails, particularly ready-to-drink (RTD) products that paled in comparison to their own recipes.

RTDs have been popular for years, but no products had yet combined the quality and taste in their recipes that lived up to the authentic presentations to which they had become accustomed.  Unlike the weak mixed drinks Clara and Dee have tasted elsewhere, their recipe achieved the authentic flavor and strength of a real cocktail without having to add additional flavors or alcohol. 

Friends and family enjoyed the drinks they were making so much more than any store-bought product, and they were asked to make batches for friends’ parties as well.  Whether as hostesses or bringing their creation to a friend’s home, Clara and Dee appreciated the convenience that allowed them to enjoy parties rather than serve as bartender. 

After more than two years of designing the brand, crafting the ingredients, finding a reputable distributor and preparing an aggressive social media and focused sales campaign, REAL Cocktails has now bottled that experience and expertise into two perfect, ready-to-pour cocktails. REAL Cocktails is poised to shake up the current selection of watered-down, low-proof, poor-tasting RTP products. With their superior ingredients, great flavors and convenience, REAL Cocktails product offerings are designed to appeal especially to millennials and other targeted demographic groups.

Initial distribution will be in NY, NJ and IL with the option to purchase at select retail stores, bars and online at the website. 

Line extensions are planned for third quarter 2015.