Patty's Kloset Blog Feature

Good afternoon Real Cocktailers! Reporting in to share that we were just featured on one of our very favorite lifestyle blogs, Patty's Kloset! Patty is an amazing fashion blogger based out of New York with an affinity for the beautiful and glamorous. Check out the all of the wonderful things Patty had to say right here:

Linwood Wine & Liquor Co Tasting Event

Hello again Real Cocktailers! This past weekend we held a tasting event at the lovely Linwood Wine & Liquor Company in Fort Lee, NJ and it was an absolute blast! We're going to be announcing a bunch of new tasting events soon, so keep an eye on our Events page and stay tuned for more info!

Cranberry Pumpkin Bread

We just stumbled on this incredible recipe for Cranberry Pumpkin Bread from the folks over at Taste of Home and holy cow is it amazing! Pair this delicious treat with our Real Cosmo and your tastebuds will be forever grateful, we know ours still are :)

Spiced Apple-Cranberry Pie

It's officially fall, so you know what that means: it's pie season! You're going to love this amazing recipe we just tried from the fine folks over at Williams-Sonoma, which happens to pair wonderfully with our very own Real Cosmo premixed cocktail! Give this great dish a whirl and post your results in the comments below :)

Bella NY Fashion Issue Launch Party Recap

We had such a fantastic time serving our premium cocktails last week as the official sponsor of Bella NY's Fashion Issue Launch Party at the Trump Tower Bar in Manhattan! There were several celebrities in the building that evening, including but not limited to: host Nicky Hilton, Randy Jackson of American Idol, Alexa Ray Joel, to name a select few. All of the patrons were decked out in their finest attire, kicking off New York Fashion Week with a bang the only way they know how. Pick up a copy of Bella NY's September Issue at your local magazine stand and check out our little feature from the Hamptons White Party we attended a few weeks ago!

Cranberry Orange Cosmo Muffins

This fantastic recipe for Cranberry Orange Muffins from Sally's Baking Addiction may not call for alcohol, but that doesn't mean it won't pair exceptionally well with our Real Cosmo premixed cocktail! The citrusy notes of the orange in particular tend to really come through after refreshing your palate with a little bit of Cosmo. Give this recipe a shot and let us know what you thought on our Facebook page!

Real Cocktails participates in Bella New York Magazine's Hamptons White Party

We had the extreme pleasure of attending the annual Bella NY Magazine White Party in the Hamptons this past weekend, and what a lovely time it was! The team at BELLA went above and beyond to make sure they were delivering incredible gift bags to their guests. Everyone was dressed to the nines and having a total blast with plenty of Real Cocktails in tow. We were even graced with the presence of several celebrities, including: Lisa Vanderpump, husband Ken ToddKyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Luann de Lesseps, Dorinda Medley, and Eileen Davidson! Check out some of the photos from the event below and don't forget to catch the event feature on OK! TV tonight:

Additional photos by Vital Photography and Teresa Pyskaty.

Lemon Lime Margarita Pound Cake

Hello cocktailers! This weekend we decided to try our own take on this fabulous Tequila-Lemon-Lime Margarita Pound Cake recipe from the kind folks over at Creative Culinary! As always, we subbed out the tequila in favor of our Real Margarita premixed cocktail, and boy is it delicious! 

The Hazy History Behind the Margarita

We just finished reading this fantastic article from Vine Pair on the storied history of the Margarita and it's many purported origins (perhaps historians have had one Marg too many). It's kinda crazy to think that such a popular drink could be born from accidentally adding the wrong spirit to a cocktail! While you're still in reading mode, head over to our About Us page to learn the story behind Real Cocktails and how our idea for tasty and accommodating cocktails came to fruition!

No Bake Margarita Cheesecake

You'll be sure to turn a few heads and raise a couple eyebrows with this savory recipe for a no bake margarita cheesecake via The Food Network. As always, just make sure you swap out the tequila and Grand Marnier with some Real Margarita for even better results! :)

How To Plan A Cocktail Hour On A Sailboat

1. Grab a decent-sized cooler and put your Real Cocktails on ice.


2. Get non-breakable drinkware and garnish glasses with salt or sugar.


3.  Cut fruit into slices, then place pieces in food storage containers with lids immediately. If you are using both lemons and limes, store them in separate containers.



4. Shake a serving over ice, pour your drinks, kick back, and enjoy the view!

As always, please drink responsibly :)

Margarita Ice-Cream Sandwiches

In celebration of National Ice Cream Day, we present you with this recipe for margarita ice-cream sandwiches from First Look Then Cook. These tasty little morsels may not call for actual tequila or margarita mix, but that just means the kids can enjoy the deliciousness too! There's nothing wrong with washing it all down with a Real Margarita afterwards either :)

A Real Cocktail Party

When hosting a party, it's important to keep things simple and convenient for both yourself and your guests. Enjoy these easy entertaining ideas and party supply suggestions for any future festivity!


- Margarita/Cosmo Dispenser

Best Ways to Rim Your Cocktail Glass

We know just what you're thinking, "How many ways could you possibly rim a glass?!" Well, there actually happen to be a couple different options based on what you're using as a garnish, and with a little help from this wonderful article by Serious Eats, we're going to show you how!

The biggest misconception when starting this process is that you must use water, turn your glass upside down, and spin in a circle until completely covered, but this is not the best method. This approach will only cause the excess garnish on the inside of your glass to fall into your drink and potentially ruin your beverage. Ideally you want to use egg whites or corn syrup in order to ensure the garnish stays in tact and stuck to your glass.

Next, you're going to grab your glass by the stem, tilt it down toward your plate or saucer at a 45 degree angle, and slowly turn your glass so that only the very outer rim is touching the liquid. Make sure you have a napkin handy, that way you can moisten the top quarter inch of the glass with the rest of your bonding liquid. Repeat that same process with your garnish plate, and let sit for several minutes to dry. We personally like to rim half of the glass when prepping for parties, in the event your guest(s) aren't fond of garnishes on their glasses. 

Additionally, try using a fruit juice in place of water or egg whites to accentuate certain flavors that already exist within your cocktail. If you're using a fancier garnish such as sprinkles, candy, or even cereal, you're going to want to use something with stronger bonding support like cake icing or fondant. That's about it, so give some of these ideas a shot, impress your guests, and keep it Real!

4 Patriotic Fourth of July Real Cocktails

These four simple drink dressing ideas will help you dazzle up your Independence Day celebration and make your friends wish they thought of it first!

Festive Straws - even something as small as a fancy straw can encourage your guests to get in the party mood!

Mixed Fruit - simply add any red or blue pieces of fruit into your drinks to keep that American symbolism going strong long after you've finished your cocktail!

Decorative Twine - wrap your party glasses up with some patriotic wire and bask in our freedom with your friends!

Splashy Sugar - your guests will surely feel like they're at a Whitehouse gala with some red sugar rimmed glasses in tow!

The History of the Cosmopolitan

Just finished reading this wonderful article on the history of the Cosmopolitan and the birth of craft cocktail culture, check it out! Hop over here to read the story behind Real Cocktails and how our idea for good and convenient cocktails became a reality!