If I had something that I knew was a high-quality bar cocktail that I could just pour out, put a lime wedge into and serve it in elegant glass wear, it would be great. It’s like a real cocktail from a bar, but yet you can buy it in a retail liquor store.
— Christine // Bernardsville, NJ
For outdoor occasions, BBQ’s, and big parties where you need the convenience and don’t want to sit there mixing margaritas with lime juice and cointreau; you want to make it easier for people.
— Lyndsay // Doylestown, PA
Knowing that they’re using the best ingredients, you trust exactly what’s in there. You’ve tried it, you don’t think it’s weak, you don’t feel like you have to add to it, so you can just pour it and be satisfied. It’s exactly the way a bartender would make it and that’s exciting to me.
— Joan // New York, NY
For me, it’s more about the consistency that you know you’re getting. Sometimes people can make a drink too strong and then you just don’t drink it. You always take that risk, which is why I would lean toward a good premixed drink when I go out.
— Marlene // Simi Valley, CA
I take it as a good quality product, a higher quality product because it says ‘never settle for anything less.’ It’s a higher scale or more premium alcohol in a ready to pour format.
— Marc // Jersey City, NJ
If you’re home, it’s late and you’re in the mood for a drink, you’re not going to sit there and start pulling all the different ingredients out. If you could just pour it out, that would be ideal. This is a good drink for a mom after a long day. Pour a little cup of the mom juice.
— Sarah // Morris Plains, NJ